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by the pool

Historic Hermanus landmark Ficks Pool has been upgraded with an exciting new restaurant, Ficks.

This unique dining experience in the new venture of Dutchies owners at Grotto Beach, Hermanus - Joke, Daan & Just Gonggrijp.

The restaurant offers a range of Pinchos which are small sized meals inspired by a Nothern Spain cuisine. These flavour filled dishes are prepared by Chef Fadzi and Sous Chef Susan who's passion, creativity and effort is sure to be present in every bite and bring you an unforgettable dining experience (Visit our menu and gallery page to see what Ficks has to offer). The size of these dishes encourages the ordering of a variety of plates and sharing them between your friends and family.

You are able to enjoy this fresh and exciting cuisine while relaxing on the wooden decks on the edge of Ficks pool, overlooking the endless beauty of the ocean and the it's surrounds while the waves crash into the rocks. In the late winter months you might even spot one or two of our giant  ocean friends, the Southern Right Whales.

The restaurant is completely open air and will not be open for trade during days with rainy weather or extreme winds.

Due to this, Ficks is unable to accommodate reservations and private functions and will work on a first come, first serve basis only.

The restaurant is located at a very special spot in Hermanus and the owners main aim in creating Ficks is to retain the sense of place, history and environment. These three principles have guided them throughout the design process and will continue throughout the growth and development of Ficks.

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